Saturday, March 8, 2008

Solution Movies for Guys Reluctant to Watch a Romantic Comedy (aka Chick Flick)

I was talking with a friend the other day and he made a great suggestion for a post: write about movies that guys would actually enjoy watching with their girlfriends. I realized my blog was lacking when none of the movies I had blogged about had been seen by him or other guy friends I surveyed. I included a movie he recommended as well as romantic comedies told from a guy's perspective. Actually, I think a good romantic comedy appeals to the maximum amount of people. For instance, take the movie, "Love Actually." I was reluctant to see it because I feared too many lead characters would take away from the movie. Also, I'm a bit weary of British humor. Still, it was an intriguing movie and the various plot lines weaved together well while still maintaining individuality in keeping the characters relatively apart until the end. It also combined the viewpoints of men and women on the topic of love, dating, and developing relationships. It was no surprise when my sister asked her guy friends and found "Love Actually" to be the most popular, hands down, with no other romcoms even coming close. In general, the romantic comedies I believe men will enjoy (although women enjoy them as well) include a sports theme, are more humorous than romantic, or possesses a male role model men can look up to. For example, in the movie, "Hitch," men can identify with the techniques or struggles in approaching that desired woman as demonstrated by the hilarious Will Smith. Women also appreciate the humor in the movie in recognizing the maneuvers used. So, to be fair, here are the more balanced romantic comedies that are not too sappy, have more humor than romance, but will be enjoyed by both genders.

1. "Hitch"- Starring Will Smith and Eva Mendes. A date doctor played by Smith finds himself in over his head when he cannot woe the woman he loves played by Mendes. This movie works really well with Smith as the suave guy with all the moves because as Smith said himself to People, "I didn't pick up as many tips as I brought. I am Hitch in my real life." Also, Kevin James acts as the most desperate client of Smith's in his failed and successful attempts of winning a rich and attractive woman from work.

2. "27 Dresses"- I love this movie. So good. I saw it twice in the theatre and laughed about as much each time. Jane (Katherine Heigl) loves weddings and has been a bridesmaid 27 times. she is secretly in love with her boss, George, who falls for Jane's sister when she visits. Jane's sister and George quickly become engaged and Jane faces the situation of helping her sister plan a wedding she wishes would not happen. Add to the mix the sarcastic Kevin (James Marsden) who is a journalist interested in Jane's tales as a bridesmaid who becomes too attached to the object of his piece. What is marriage and love all about? Jane and Kevin share their points of view in this amazing movie.

3. "Serendipity"- This is a great movie because it combines destiny with classic New York City scenes. Sara (Kate Beckinsale) meets Jonathan (John Cusack) one winter night in the city. Both feel a strong attraction to one another, but Sara thinks true love belongs in the hands of fate and if they are destined to be together, they will meet again. John grudgingly goes along with this only to embark on a chase for Sara after enduring constant reminders of that night they first met years later. This movie is told from both Sara's and John's points of view and the humorous Jeremy Piven and Molly Shannon serve as the best friends.

4. "Bedazzled"- I was dubious about this movie when I saw the cover and prohibited my sisters from watching it with me in case it did turn out to be too tawdry; however, it's a funny look at a guy, Elliot, (Brendan Fraser) who makes a deal with the devil (Elizabeth Hurley) and how he spends his seven wishes he receives in exchange of his soul. It is now actually one of our favorite romantic comedies.

5. "Fever Pitch"- A baseball movie with some romance thrown in as Lindsey (Drew Barrymore) and Ben (former SNL star Jimmy Fallon) meet, fall in love, and then Lindsey discovers his obsession with the Red Sox and feels like second fiddle.


Anonymous said...

Serendipity is all fine and dandy, but Fever Pitch??? As a Red Sox fan, you might as well just throw sand in my eyes. How dare you McGuinigal!

Two that should be on your list - 10 Things I Hate About You and Dirty Dancing. Both have some snappy dialog and good actors, especially 10 Things. And Dirty Dancing just has so many good and memorable lines that it's still watchable - Nobody puts baby in the corner. And, my all-time favorite movie line, "When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong." Jerry Orbach is the man.