Wednesday, March 5, 2008

RSVP to "My Best Friend's Wedding"

"My Best Friend's Wedding"

Tagline: Julianne fell in love with her best friend the day he decided to marry someone else.

This is a great movie because of its endless humorous situations and Julia Roberts' incredible acting ability. The movie centers around Roberts' character of Julianne realizing she might be in love with her best friend, Michael (played by Dermot Mulroney) who is getting married to Kim (CameronDiaz). Any comedy that has the planning of a wedding at the heart of it you know will include zany disasters, which this movie delivers. Julianne is torn between revealing her new found feelings to Michael or letting him enjoy his happiness with Kim. Meanwhile, Julianne's editor, the gay and sophisticated George (played by the comedic Rupert Everett), knows just how to offer Julianne the right and wisest advice in the most sarcastic, yet wisecracking way. Not to say he doesn't have his fun along the way of humiliating Julianne through out the wedding preparations (ex. pretending to be her fiance).

The naivety of Kim is sometimes unbelievable, but then you have to rethink your assumptions and wonder if she actually knows what she's doing by immediately befriending Julianne the moment she comes off the plane. I think the casting director could have chosen a more equivalently attractive male lead to play opposite Julia Roberts, but part of Mulroney's charm is acting as a regular guy who's finally found the love of his life. I found George so funny, I began smiling each time he came onscreen or I heard his voice. Those of you who have seen the ending will know what I mean. I read that Roberts handpicked Diaz and Mulroney to star with her in the movie and they are great choices. Diaz was just beginning her acting career and I was impressed with her talent after seeing her in this movie. Rent this one if you want to have laughs at Julia Roberts' expense or have ever wondered yourself if you have feelings toward that guy or girl who is just a friend.

Favorite Lines:

George: Michael's chasing Kimmy?
Julianne: Yes!
George: You're chasing Michael?
Julianne: YES!
George: Who's chasing you... nobody, get it? There's your answer. It's Kimmy.

Kimberly: He's got you on a pedestal and me in his arms.

Michael: Kimmy says if you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud. Otherwise the moment just...
Julianne: Passes you by...
Michael: Passes you by...

Julianne: I let you hold me in public.
Michael: No, you didn't. You always pulled away. But Kim, she lets me hold her and kiss her as long as I want.