Thursday, April 3, 2008

Does a Top-Grossing Romantic Comedy Equal a Worthwhile Movie?

I was searching around online for some inspiration for my next post. I quickly came upon a list of 100 top-grossing romantic comedies. Also, for those of you who may have had doubts about my experience with romcoms, I have seen 61 out of the 100 listed. Anyway, I started thinking, does a movie that makes a lot of money in the theatre necessarily mean that it is a good movie? I have seen movies in the theatre that I have liked and disliked. My purchase of a ticket automatically endorses the film, even if I hate it when I come out of the theatre (example: "The Break-Up"). Therefore, I do not think this list is a fair assessment at all of the best romantic comedies, but maybe it could serve as a list for the movies with the best trailers (I mean, "Forget Paris" made it onto the list. Although it is at # 98, that is just plain wrong). Several of the movies I have blogged about are on the list ("My Best Friend's Wedding," "While You Were Sleeping," "The Wedding Planner," "French Kiss") and some them are not.

As a big fan of romcoms, it was a big decision for me to choose the first one to blog about ("Only You") and I feel this inherently exposes my bias in that if I made a list of my top three favorite romantic comedies, "Only You" has a great chance of making that list. But, the list I will provide the link for does not have "Only You" on it because it was not a top-grossing film. Excellent movie, award-nominated actors, but just not a money-maker. So as a thought, when you select a movie to rent or go to the theatre, pick one you know nothing about. You might enjoy it and who knows, it could make your list of best movies one day.

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