Friday, March 7, 2008

Avoid These Movies at All Costs (Not Joking)

There are some movies, well, I wish had never been made into movies. Harsh, but the truth hurts. I love good romantic comedies, not romantic comedies. There's a difference. For example, if you want to elicit an immediate groan from one of my sisters (Mary and Jen) or myself, simply mention the title, "Forget Paris." Groan (in my mind). As we have all agreed, that is a movie we want to forget. Annoying characters, dragging plot line, and just plain not funny. And we even gave the movie a chance by watching it the whole way through, as movies should not be judged on their beginnings. Still, the movie was a flop. I hope it was nominated for a Razzie. Seriously, we were both grateful when the movie ended and angry that it was so bad. And then there's the disappointment known as "The Break-Up." I really thought it would be good, looked forward to it coming to the theatres, and then two great actors (Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn) did not deliver laughs or romance for me. For some reason, my mom likes this movie and she is not a big romantic comedy fan, so maybe there is a movie for everyone out there. Other bad flicks are:

"Bewitched" : Nicole Kidman was not believable as a witch, wasn't likable, and Will Ferrell's cocky attitude was a turn-off and not humorous

"The Wedding Date": this movie was kind of weird, barely anything memorable about it, plot a little shallow for this day and age, and plot was also poorly developed

"You've Got Mail": ugh, someone was trying to recreate the magic of "Sleepless in Seattle." You can't just recreate that kind of magic by throwing together the same two leads. You didn't even include a Jonah. I know what they were thinking. They were thinking, "Yeah, it'll be a modern 'Sleepless in Seattle' and we'll reunite Ryan and Hanks. Viewers will love it." This viewer did not love it. It was very slow, dragged on, and I think it could have had more humor

"Monster-In-Law" : I like J.Lo, I blogged about "The Wedding Planner," but this movie just wasn't funny with Jane Fonda going ballistic behind the characters' backs all the time. And that male lead, Micheal Vartan, he's not dependable enough. Liked him in "Never Been Kissed." Did not like him in "It Had to Be You", which is another clunker. Note to self, do not rent a no-name romantic comedy unless the plot looks really, really interesting.

Now, this next movie is very debatable on whether it falls into good or bad romantic comedies. My sisters and I, frequent viewers of the romcom, are still split on the adjective to attribute to this movie. If you want a challenge in deciding which category it falls under, you can rent it yourself. The title: "Forces of Nature." Very random and quick paced movie with Sandra Bullock playing a let loose and go with the flow character who must travel (due to coincidences and problems with transportation) with straight-laced and about to be married Ben Affleck .

Tagline: He went from the eye of the storm, into the arms of a hurricane.
(I know, the first tagline that is kind of confusing. All the more appropriate for this movie and post).

Favorite lines:

Sarah: I've got your back.
Ben: What are we, in mob squad?

Travel guide: You said you were a doctor. We checked. You're not listed anywhere in New York, unless you're a veterinarian.
Ben: All of God's creatures are welcome in my office.

Radio playing: And if you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with, love the one you're with...