Thursday, March 6, 2008

Make an Appointment with "The Wedding Planner"

"The Wedding Planner"

Tagline: A romantic comedy about love, destiny, and other events you just can't plan for.

Jennifer Lopez plays the part of the organized, always proper wedding planner: Mary. Although her father is always pushing her to get married herself, Mary prefers helping others toward the big day rather than focusing on her own love life. Mary then meets Steve, a doctor who saves her from getting hit by a runaway garbage bin. Steve (Matthew McConaughey) is a smooth, but kind man whom Mary instantly becomes attracted to. At the wedding firm, Mary gets assigned the biggest wedding account of her career, an up and coming business entrepreneur, Fran, and her fiance, the same Dr. Steve who saved Mary. How Mary will handle planning a wedding that could boost her career while seeing the man she fell for walk closer to the alter is anybody's guess. Throw in a lovable Italian guy, Massimo, who Mary's father wants her to marry, and it only doubles the humor of this movie.
Some people knock J. Lo for trying her hand at acting, but I think she did a fantastic job in this movie. Her torn expressions between what she wants and trying to please everyone at the same time are very believable. The spark between her and McConaughey is great with their constant banter back and forth and sharp jabs all in the name of fun. What makes this movie even better is that Fran is a likable character. Instead of portraying her as a mean woman who is completely wrong for Steve, the script writer actually created a real character who is not one-dimensional. And Massimo, the name says it all. He is just a fun-loving, sincere, albeit misdirected guy who is head over heels for Lopez, who simply cannot stand his presence. He even steals a couple scenes when placed next to McConaughey because you never know what Massimo will do or say. In one scene, Fran's parents are driving in a limo, followed by Steve, Fran, and Mary in a jeep, and in another mode of transportation (I don't want to give it away) is Massimo and the sound effects that go along with this scene are hilarious, although Massimo's takes the cake. See this movie if you enjoy hearing some of the back details in organizing a wedding or ever found your parents trying to fix you up. Also, I love movies so much, I have designated not only my favorite movies, but my favorite movie scenes. I know, a little much, but this way I can have a fav. movie scene that is not necessarily in my favorite movie. Anyway, a favorite movie scene of mine is in this movie when McConaughey and Lopez are in a ballroom dancing class together. Don't ask, just rent the movie.

Favorite Lines:

Mary: You know, those who can't do, teach? Well, those who can't wed, plan.

Mary: You don't get it. The groom is the doctor. The doctor is the groom.
Penny: No!
Mary: Yes!

Steve: We'll let the women-I mean, the brides-to-be- do their thing.
Massimo: Yes, let's do the manly bonding.

Fran: Whatever happened to that guy, Mary? The one you couldn't stop smiling about?
(Steve looks at Mary in rear view mirror) Mary: Well, Fran, it turned out he was the groom for one of the weddings I'm planning.
Fran: No! That's disgusting. I'm glad I'm not a single gal with those creeps running around.
Mary: Yes, Fran. You sure are the lucky one.

Dance teacher: (referring to Mary and Steve) Yes, these two have it. They know what it takes!

Steve: Fran's great... But what if what I think is great, really is great, but it's not as great, as something greater?