Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Laugh Along with "The Bachelor"

"The Bachelor"

Tagline: One thousand brides. One hundred million dollars. Jimmie Shannon is about to discover the true value of love.

Okay, those of you who read posts below are about ready for a romantic comedy from a guy's perspective. Jimmie Shannon (played by Chris O'Donnell) is your man. This movie has so many humorous scenes and side-scenes going on all at once, you might have to rewind to catch the part you missed because you were laughing so hard. Jimmie is the guy who loves being a bachelor, a free man, laughing as each of his friends gets lassoed into wedlock. Jimmie has been dating Anne (played by Renee Zellweger) for about a year when he begins to feel the pressure that maybe he should propose. Unfortunately, Anne sees the fear in his eyes at the prospect of commitment, refuses the proposal, and then Jimmie's last relative dies shortly thereafter. His grandfather leaves Jimmie one hundred million dollars... on the condition that he marries before his 3oth birthday. When Jimmie finds this out, his 3oth birthday is the next day. With the help of sarcastic, but enthusiastic best friend Marco (played by Artie Lange) and the various personalities of Jimmie's past girlfriends, this movie gives a great look at what marriage really entails and how important it is to find that right person... if Jimmie hasn't already found her.

I still remember this was one of those movies I always walked past in the video store that had a striking cover, but the title just didn't draw me in. One night, my sisters and I randomly decided to rent two movies we had never seen before from the "B" section. And thus, we experienced the joy of watching "The Bachelor" (the other movie was a semi-dud, "Blast from the Past"). So many good parts from this movie, but I definitely enjoyed meeting all of Jimmie's ex-girlfriends and loved Marco's humor. With the name Marco, how can one not be funny? I say rent this movie if you're in the mood for some quality comedy, but want some romance as well.

Favorite Lines:

Marco: Your birthday is soon, right? Like next week?
Jimmie: No, it's not next week.
Marco: Thank God.
Jimmie: It's tomorrow.

Marco: Forget about 'being there for you.' Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Anne: You ready to strap on the old ball and chain?
Jimmie gets scared look in his eyes
Anne: Now there's the Jimmie Shannon I know.

Zoe: I'm thrilled you thought of me next.
Jimmie: Well...
Zoe: Oh my god. How far down the list am I?