Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Perfect Movie Viewing Snack

Okay, I admit it. I am a very susceptible person for unintentional advertisements. Case in point, I see someone walking across the quad with a soft drink in their hand, I immediately want a soft drink myself. The other day, someone in my class had Fiji water on her desk and I felt a thirst for my own Fiji water (fortunately it was nearby, in my backpack). Now, I don't always act on these cravings, but that feeling of desire has the potential to come on strong and quick. There are limitations; if I see someone eating a corn dog, I'm not going to buy myself one seeing as I don't like corn dogs. Also, this craving does not exist in restaurants. I don't really look at other people's dishes in deciding what to order.

Let's get back on track: must-have romcom snacks. Well, a soda is always good (remember, this is movie and junk food time, so it's okay to a little crazy) and I love Coke. Sometimes, we have IBC black cherry soda, also known as "liquid gold" in our house since it is so sweet and so good. While I enjoy PopSecret's Homestyle Popcorn, it can become a bit salty so I also eat PopSecret's Popcorn Light Butter. One of my sisters only eats kettle corn popcorn, you know, the sweet popcorn. Candy is also good. I adore Crunch Bunch; I know, the real name is Buncha Crunch but I have always called it Crunch Bunch and it just has a better ring to it. If you're having a movie party, extra cheesy pizza is a delicious choice. Wow, I'm making myself hungry writing this post.
Now, some warning. If you are like me, very susceptible to other people's snacks, you probably also crave the food a character on screen is eating. And I bet most of you have experienced this feeling at least once (who did not want chocolate when watching "Chocolat"? Yeah, that's what I thought). So, for the movies I have specifically blogged about, here are their counterpart snacks you might want during or after your viewing of the film. For "The Wedding Planner": M &Ms and macaroni and cheese ("It's a low budget wonder"). For "My Best Friend's Wedding": jello ("You can never be jello!). For "The Bachelor": potato chips (I like Ruffles). For "French Kiss": bread and butter or cheese and crackers ("Did you know that there are 452 official kinds of cheese in this country, isn't that amazing?"). For "While You Were Sleeping": a hot dog from a vendor (ketchup and mustard on mine). For "Only You": pasta and bread dipped in olive oil. As a side note, ever notice the product placement in romantic comedies? In EDTV, Matthew McConaughey has a Pepsi machine in his apartment. Pepsi had to outbid Coca-Cola to get that spot in the movie.