Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Laugh Along with "The Bachelor"

"The Bachelor"

Tagline: One thousand brides. One hundred million dollars. Jimmie Shannon is about to discover the true value of love.

Okay, those of you who read posts below are about ready for a romantic comedy from a guy's perspective. Jimmie Shannon (played by Chris O'Donnell) is your man. This movie has so many humorous scenes and side-scenes going on all at once, you might have to rewind to catch the part you missed because you were laughing so hard. Jimmie is the guy who loves being a bachelor, a free man, laughing as each of his friends gets lassoed into wedlock. Jimmie has been dating Anne (played by Renee Zellweger) for about a year when he begins to feel the pressure that maybe he should propose. Unfortunately, Anne sees the fear in his eyes at the prospect of commitment, refuses the proposal, and then Jimmie's last relative dies shortly thereafter. His grandfather leaves Jimmie one hundred million dollars... on the condition that he marries before his 3oth birthday. When Jimmie finds this out, his 3oth birthday is the next day. With the help of sarcastic, but enthusiastic best friend Marco (played by Artie Lange) and the various personalities of Jimmie's past girlfriends, this movie gives a great look at what marriage really entails and how important it is to find that right person... if Jimmie hasn't already found her.

I still remember this was one of those movies I always walked past in the video store that had a striking cover, but the title just didn't draw me in. One night, my sisters and I randomly decided to rent two movies we had never seen before from the "B" section. And thus, we experienced the joy of watching "The Bachelor" (the other movie was a semi-dud, "Blast from the Past"). So many good parts from this movie, but I definitely enjoyed meeting all of Jimmie's ex-girlfriends and loved Marco's humor. With the name Marco, how can one not be funny? I say rent this movie if you're in the mood for some quality comedy, but want some romance as well.

Favorite Lines:

Marco: Your birthday is soon, right? Like next week?
Jimmie: No, it's not next week.
Marco: Thank God.
Jimmie: It's tomorrow.

Marco: Forget about 'being there for you.' Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Anne: You ready to strap on the old ball and chain?
Jimmie gets scared look in his eyes
Anne: Now there's the Jimmie Shannon I know.

Zoe: I'm thrilled you thought of me next.
Jimmie: Well...
Zoe: Oh my god. How far down the list am I?

Start Movie Night with "French Kiss"

"French Kiss"

Tagline: Kate's stuck in a place where anything can happen with a guy who'll make sure that it does.

I absolutely love this movie and it was a great introduction to romantic comedies for me. Just thinking of the title brings a smile to my face. Meg Ryan, one of my favorite actresses, plays Kate, an Ameican/Canadian who flies to France even though she hates the French in hopes of getting her fiancé, Charlie (played by Timothy Hutton), back from a young French woman who has wooed him away from Kate. Enter Luc (played by Kevin Kline), a French man claiming to have all the knowledge of love and whom Kate meets on the plane to Paris. He promises to help her get Charlie back as Luc has his own needs for Kate. He stuffs a stolen diamond necklace into her bag and she makes it easily through customs, but as he and Kate journey through France, the necklace is still in Kate's hands and as she and Luc grow closer, she must decide whether to return the necklace or become part of Luc's crime. Luc also begins to question why exactly he is helping Kate back into Charlie's arms when his own desires for her begin to emerge. Through great scenery, constrast of French and American customs, and the bickering Kate and Luc, this movie delivers a roller coaster of amusement and entertainment.

Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline are amazing actors and their chemistry as a duo is quickly apparent from their first scene together. Kate's uptight attitude and fear of the French butts heads with Luc's blase approach to life and confidence in his charm. It's easy to dislike Charlie as well with his American and snobbish countenance paling in comparison to Luc's enthusiasm for Kate's endeavor and (illegal) tricks up his sleeve to get Kate and himself where they need to go. Luc is also on the run from an officer friend who has a lead on the stolen necklace. The chase becomes longer with the officer going after Luc, who is somewhat going after Kate, who is chasing Charlie. I love this movie, even though it is not an authentic French film. In a way, I see this as an advantage as you get the taste of French culture and scenery without the subtitles. Again, everything is more romantic in Europe, including Paris, the City of Love. This movie is longer than its romantic comedy counterparts, so block out some time and get ready for a European trip that is unlike any other.

Favorite lines

Kate: I hate Paris in the springtime, I hate Paris in the fall. I hate Paris, oh why oh why do I hate Paris? Because my love is there with his slut girlfriend.
Luc stares at Kate.

Luc: I lost my necklace.
Kate: Awe, poor baby. What did it look like?
Luc: Little diamonds on a small strand.
In the next scene
Kate: Hey Luc, did your necklace look a little something like...(stretches out the collar of her shirt) this!

Luc: In France, yes means no and no means yes. Do you get it?
Kate: No. (smiles)
Luc: You don't? (smiles as he sees Kate smiling)

Officer: I want to tell you a love story.
Luc: How does it begin?
Officer: Imagine an airplane...

*** Curious about other memorable lines from this movie, take a look at

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Find Out What Happened "While You Were Sleeping"

"While You Were Sleeping"

Tagline: A story about love at second sight.

Sandra Bullock is a classic actress for romantic comedies. Miss Congeniality, Two Weeks Notice, The LakeHouse. But this is my favorite movie of hers. It is much less flashy than "Only You," but similarly finds the female lead confused between two men. Bullock plays the character of Lucy, a lonely woman in love with a man she's never met, but sees everyday at the train station where she works as a token-taker. Lucy is humorous as she gets swept up into Peter's family when they think she's his fiancé after saving his life. Peter can't speak out against this as he's in a coma after the train accident and Lucy's left to choose between playing along with his family's assumptions or telling them the truth. Lucy's always wanted a family, but Peter's brother, Jack, played by Bill Pullman, senses there's something Lucy's hiding. As Jack attaches himself to Lucy to find out the truth, he learns his goal might no longer be exposing Lucy but whether or not to "steal" her from his unconscious brother.

This summary might sound complicted, but once the movie gets rolling, it's a simple plot that takes many humorous turns. Lucy's neighbor, Joe Jr., played byMichael Rispoli, is thrown into the mix with his infatuation for Lucy and his refusal to accept her lack of interest in him. The great part about this movie is how the characters represent real people living in Chicago and facing moral dilemmas. Should I tell the truth and lose my chance at love? Should I woe my brother's fiance for myself? Okay, maybe these are not entirely common problems, but Bullock plays a likeable and realistic woman longing for love and a family. The viewer can't help but reach out to her. The Callaghan family is great with their constant speaking over each other and immediate warm welcome of Lucy into the family barely knowing her, but inviting her to the house on Christmas. Also, the use of the title in the movie is very touching. Rent this movie if you want a low-key and sweet romantic comedy.

Favorite Lines:

Mother: What's your type, Jack?
Jack: I don't know.
Jack's sister: You like brunettes.
Jack glances guiltily at Lucy
Jack: No, I don't. I like blondes.

(Before this, Jack accuses Lucy of leaning into Joe Jr. earlier in the day and Lucy asks him to describe leaning)
Jack: Leaning involves wanting... and accepting (leans toward Lucy). Leaning.
Joe Jr.:Hey, Luce! Is this guy bothering you?
Lucy: (laughing) No, no.
Joe Jr.: Are you sure? Because it looks like he's... leaning.
Jack: Thank you.

Joe Jr. I got tickets to the Ice Capades. I know a guy.

Joe Jr.: Okay, Lucy. It's either me or him!
Lucy: Him.
Joe Jr.: You don't have to answer right away.

Jerry (Lucy's boss): You're born into a family. You do not join them like you do the Marines.