Friday, March 7, 2008

Movie Theatres Worth a Visit

While I enjoy romantic comedies, I also enjoy simply going to the movie theatre. There is some sort of magic in the air when stepping into the theatre, finding a decent seat, inhaling the smell of buttered popcorn, and preparing yourself to forget your reality and enter the reality of those onscreen. My family and I frequent the theatre twice a month (sometimes more if there is more of a selection and sometimes less if nothing is playing). There are several unique theatres where I have seen romantic comedies and I want to share them with you. The first is the Cable Car Cinema in Providence. This is a trendy, artistic theatre located near College Hill (204 South Main St.). They make their own snacks available for purchase such as whoopie pies and brownies, along with the traditional popcorn and candy. There is even a side cafe for people to enjoy a light meal before or after the movie. I took my friend here for the first time over the summer and she loved it. Another unique theatre is the Avon Cinema in Providence on 260 Thayer St. The Avon is known for showing obscure movies and documentaries, but they make the best popcorn as they make it fresh rather than opening giant bags from the floor. They only show movies in the evenings. Check out their website for more info: North Conway Twin in North Conway, New Hampshire on 2627 White Mountain Highway is a theatre I have visited when on vacation. It has the feel of an old time movie theatre in a small town, although it is in the center of a tourist area. They also pop their own popcorn and show movies during the day and night. Finally, I have not visited this theatre in years, but the memory stands out sharp in my mind of going back in time when entering the Columbus Theatre in Providence on 270 Broadway St. I saw a movie on Napoleon and with only three other people in the audience, it was almost like having your own theatre. Glad to see they are still in business, but I am not sure if they are currently showing movies. Here is their website:
Remember, AAA members can get a discount on movie theatre tickets, but they only save you money if you use them in the evenings.